With today’s energy code envelope requirements for air infiltration, use of an HRV/ERV for fresh air is critical.

A conventional HRV/ERV is a passive system with a heat exchanger that is limited to 70-90% thermal efficiency. Less when we factory in fan energy. They provide no additional heating or cooling energy input, aktivHRV is different.

The AktivHRV employs a reversible heat pump to extract additional energy from the exhaust airstream in heating and adding energy to the exhaust airstream in cooling. Additional benefits include;

  • Pre-heating and pre-cooling airstream
  • CO2 monitoring and control
  • CH2O (VOC) sensor and PM2.5 (formaldehyde) for improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • For buildings with small cooling loads, additional air conditioning equipment may not be needed
  • HEPA and charcoal filters for smoke and smog reduction for external pollutants
heat pump ERV exhaust fan