Institutional Air Purifier Released

January 19, 2024

CA (Air Purifier) Multi Stage, Multi Speed Purification

Nordic have released an innovative, Canadian Made, multi stage air purification system. Just in time for fire smoke season!

Stages - 4 stage process of air purifying.
1. Pleated Filter - A 2” MERV8 pleated filter removing 90% of larger particles from the air stream.
2. LED UV-C Lamp - A standard E26 medium base with an optimized germicidal wave of 275nm.
3. HEPA Filter - An 11.5” HEPA H14 filter removing 99.995% of remaining smaller particles.
4. Cabon Filter - Removing chemicals and odours.


More detail in the manuals here - CA-300

CA 300 Air Purifier